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A Light on the Hill

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I encourage each of you to earnestly consider your future, as ultimately, we will leave these earthly forms that trap our energy and we will return to the light or darkness that defines our days here. We all need to come to understand that we keep our lantern with oil and not slumber lest we be unprepared for our Master's return.

So, due to someone who has blessed me with love and Christ’s blessings, I am trying to build a sanctuary called "Light on the Hill". Located on a bluff, overlooking the Shenandoah River in northwestern Virginia, it is the intention to build a modest place for spiritual prayer and nourishment 

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There are no "experts" here, just a place for sincere effort to give light where evil tries to separate us from the perfect love of Christ.

More information, including contact-events-etc. will be made available as & with God's hand allows this dream to become a reality.

Pray that He'll bless this effort

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