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"A greatly significant understanding that many fail to ponder is that Jesus gave up EVERYTHING for us. And I do mean everything. He, as the Son of God, could have remained in the heavens while we struggled on the planet. He sacrificed the luxuries beyond our comprehension to come to live with us. Then, he spent his efforts to serve others rather than amass wealth and possessions. This was the spirit of placing the created before the Creator. He was humiliated, scourged, stripped bare, and so inhumanly treated that most cannot begin to understand the degree of suffering that he endured-giving all that he was for us. He had the blood that coursed through his veins drained on the ground for your sin. The scripture states that to gain your life you must first lose it. Jesus gave the example meaning as he is now at the right hand of the Father by being obedient to God with his sacrifice. Now, the question is, will you give up everything for Jesus in return?"

From the tradition of multiple published literary works on our relationship with God and the Son, Jesus Christ-Dr. Gray shares insight regarding our road to a showdown with our Source. His concerns are that humanity has been disconnected with our Source since we left the Garden of Eden and each person, individually, must seek their own reconnection with God. The overriding fear is that most are not prepared for this meeting and the author sincerely prays for our return to sanity that places our God first in our world. He continues a message that he shares weekly on "www.conservativespirituality.com" and in his many volumes regarding spirituality As always-the message is provided as a servant to the created and with the hope for their eternal blessing.

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To The Abyss - Addressing the age-old assessment provided by those who have lived multiple decades, things have changed and do not appear to be beneficial or improved. There is a feeling that change is necessary to ensure the continuation of our heritage. This book chronologically describes the aspects of living that have taken us away from the timeless, universal scriptural principles that have formed our civilized development to the present time. The use of reflection and experience, as well as the results of a combination of extensive, secular-based education, naturalistic observations, and the inherent advantage of understanding attained from the experiences from a past age to the present state of humanistic/scientific hegemony is the backdrop for attempting to address the common question: What has led us to where we are at this point in time? As it is the author's belief that the course to correction is an individual journey, this book seeks to provide insight for others to understand how we arrived at the present state. The purpose continues with ensuring that the pertinent recognition of our source will serve to ensure our ultimate sustainability. As there are multiple routes to arrive at a given destination, the goal is to tempt the reader into beginning the process to arrive at the destination that will ensure their final state to be beneficial and personally fulfilling. The journey begins within the person, and the individual is the captain of their ship. Godspeed.


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Spirituality: Key to Physical and Mental Well-Being AND The Modern Perceptual Shift (Preference for Emotional-Responses as Reality) With more than 18 years of college training to include doctoral training in counseling, Dr. Gray uses this education along with 20 years of mental health services work background to approach helping the created. This is based on over 20 years of scriptural study and long- term faith-based attempts to assist others to achieve a stable, sustaining relationship with our Lord. The book, part of a series of works regarding spiritual issues, serves to provide a defense of spirituality and to bring information to those who could benefit from it. The feeling is that we have replaced reasoning from a critical-thinking standpoint, and the results of "right" and "wrong", with emotional-based understanding that is destructive to our future existence. Presently, we value feelings over behaviors frequently and fail to do those things which will ensure our ultimate interest. Join me on a journey to understand our functional basis and find your own way home to your eternal source- w/ Love- "Dr. Mike"

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Spiritual Health Inventory Scores and Abstinence- A study of US military veterans, post-substance abuse treatment, to determine whether spirituality scores calculated from the Spiritual Health Inventory (SHI) correlated with abstinence or length of abstinence. 32 veterans responded and completed the SHI and a Brief Form Questionnaire that consisted of a total of 31 Likert scale questions designed to measure spirituality scores and self-report of recovery duration, importance of AA/NA participation, and actual participation rates. Parametric test measures (independent sample t-test and Pearson's r correlation) were employed with results indicating that spirituality was significantly correlated with abstinence and length of abstinence. Respondent ages or AA/NA participation did not significantly correlate with abstinence. Future research should include a larger sample size to adequately address power analysis requirements.


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