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A line from a writing for a song that I haven't used yet as it pertained to me at an earlier time was- "Quick to quote a page and verse-but need to have Christ's love first". In short, I know, honor, and cherish God's inspired words-yet, ultimately it's our love, forgiveness, and continued-persistent love for those who-just like us, don't deserve the grace and mercy that we pray Christ will provide us with that will bring them HOME. 

So, as a psychologist, I've walked a narrow path trying to keep my faith-within Christian-based counseling, yet observing an often secular, professional ethics standard which fails to understand the preeminent place of God in our life and ultimate spiritual development. 

So, I have come to a place where 20+ years of prayer that has given me the sacred home to commune with my Creator, and with His blessings, a worthy help mate to give light to a world that desperately needs His Hope, Charity, Love  Grace, & Redemption.